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Project Details

New Times Square – Retail


New Times Square is a shopping centre and residential property that is situated in a prime location in Bruma which is a unique area that consists of many facilities such as offices, dealerships, hotels and schools that brings a variety of people together in the area. Hotels are located just 5 minutes driving distance away and business offices being only 5 minutes walking distance thus allows for many guests and workers to visit the shopping centre with ease.

The development of Eastgate mall and Park Meadows Mall in the area brings more of the public towards to the Bruma location. It can be identified that many buildings are being upgraded to improve the area even more which makes the location of New Times Square gain more potential.

The many car dealerships and services within the location attracts many people to drive around the area. This exercise brings people through New Times Square’s location more often thus resulting in more and more exposure to the property.

New Times Square is a property that consists of both commercial and residential aspects. When it comes to any kind of business, the owners like to be close to their life’s work. Our development allows for that comfort and ease by having residential units above their commercial shops where owners can live close to their work which attracts many business owners to look towards New Times Square.

This concept not only applies to business owners but it gives tenants ease of access to shops located below their units. The benefit of shopping below their residential units saves tenants on time and money. Thus the concept of developing commercial and residential merging into one building provides positive aspects.

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