About Us

More about the JHB101 Group

Who we are

We are an independent property development company with experience in retail, commercial, industrial, and residential property and project development. We provide our clients with the skills and expertise they need to execute their complex development objectives from start to finish.

As a team of international and local professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering and design, JHB101 has a reputation for its professionalism and its ability to constantly exceed expectations.  JHB101 was founded in 2005, and has a proven track-record of developing multi-sector projects. 

If you are facing complex development issues or need a partner to execute your project, reach out and start a conversation about your project needs. We have the expertise and team to handle any property development challenge.


Our Commitment 

We are committed to delivering developments in the South African property sectors that constantly exceed the expectations of our clients. We use best practice implementation approaches, that are customised for every project to ensure on-time, and on-budget delivery.