Property Development

Our commercial developments have a visible presence, and based on the project and location they either become an icon, or blend in perfectly to the existing architecture and surroundings.

Our commercial developments offer businesses a modern and sophisticated space with top-of-the-line fixtures, amenities and architectural details.

We create spaces that attract and retain staff, and improve workforce performance.



Property Development

Our residential developments are unique, built with a bespoke, urban and contemporary style.

These developments are expertly designed to provide luxury, comfort and practical living spaces that people want to buy and live in.

They blend sophisticated living and tranquil surroundings whilst catering to a variety of lifestyle needs.


Property Development

Our industrial developments are known for their functional and practical focussed design. This functional design is at the core of our industrial developments – creating spaces that align with the client’s needs, and their vision.

Our past multidimensional experience allows us to provide seamless delivery and flawless project execution; from Waste Water projects to Power Station developments we have the teams and knowledge to assist you.



Property Development

We assist in the development of the local communities by creating retail spaces that affect the landscape, the local economy, the environment, and human interaction on a social level.

Our retail developments create a sense of community by providing a pleasant, safe and convenient place for people to shop and socialise and just breathe.

Some of our retail spaces also offer a unique blend of residential and retail. A convenient setting where retail outlets are found directly beneath living spaces.

Chartwell Corner Dainfern

Not just a typical shopping centre, but the heart and soul of the Dainfern community, here we find some of your biggest anchor’s such as Checkers, Woolworths and nationals such as Dischem, restaurants for choice and a little extra for everyone.